Rhodium-plated jewelry: what it means and what it is?

Perhaps you have passed that interest by a silver jewel you’ve read or heard the jeweler say that is a rhodium piece, and perhaps you’ve been with the question of knowing what referred to the fact that a jewel is rhodium-plated. If you want to answer the questions read on because in today’s post, we tell you what it means and because rhodium is used in silver jewelry.

rhodium plated jewelry

Rhodium is a metal belonging to the platinum group and as the rest of the components of this group is a question about a metal easy of working. Thanks to this malleability, this metal allows large creations in jewelry and can design all kinds of rings, bracelets, earrings…

The color of this metal is white silver and has a great shine. Some sterling silver jewelry is bathed in this metal resulting in a brighter part. But this coating of rhodium not only offers brightness but also gives the gem more resistance preventing the jewel lose their color, scratching and darkens.

If it is because of that the rhodium for which sometimes difficult to tell whether a gem is silver or white gold, the price certainly solved the doubt. Rhodium plated silver jewel has a cache and superior value to the one that it is not, however, it is important to note that this suite does not last forever.

The jewelry worn every day for a long period of time can result in complete loss of rhodium. But this is a problem that is easily solved because your jeweler can re-swim the piece without any problems.

In addition, parts of rhodium plated jewelry have another advantage is that they are one hundred percent antiallergic, ideal for sensitive skins to other metals.

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