Resize a ring. What can go wrong?

Did your dearest ring is no longer on your finger? There is no need to worry; there is always the possibility of increasing or decreasing its size.

resize a ring

There are several reasons why we want to change the size of rings, bands or alliances. Either because we want to change it from finger or because we have increased/decreased of weight.

In reality this repair is very common, however it is important to know that something could go wrong or simply that by the model, material or structure of this cannot make changes in size.

Processes and dangers when changing the size of a ring

Change to a smaller size
This process is simple, compared to one of increasing size. The process is to cut the remaining portion, readjust and weld. Finally it is cleaned and polished.

However, when the hoop of the ring is too thin or thick, it does that the process of change of size is more difficult for the jeweler.

The area in which the cut was made becomes weaker, but it rarely breaks.

Change to a larger size
There are two processes to enlarge the rings depending on the quantity of sizes to increase.

  • Stretching.
  • Re-elaborated.

Stretching is a method used if you need to change the size of the ring no more than half of the larger size.

For size changes rather than previous point, the process of re-elaboration is necessary.

Keep in mind that complications can occur when the ring has an intricate design or if it has connected precious stones or diamonds.

Increasing the size can be a problem as it can alter the beauty or damage the stones or diamonds.

When it is not possible to change the size of the rings?
Unfortunately, there are certain rings that cannot be enlarged or adapted. The wedding rings that carry diamonds or stones around the entire ring cannot be modified.

Any cut or heat can damage or distort the beauty of the ring.

Rings made from metals such as titanium or stainless steel cannot be resized, due to the properties of the material.

Recommendations when buying a ring
When we go to buy a ring, it is important to seek the advice of a professional jeweler to ensure that the type of material and design is suitable to modify it in the future.

In general, make sure that the ring, alliance or band adjusts comfortably to avoid discomfort in the future.

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