Removing water and moisture from the face of a watch

Sometimes by small oversights our watches end up full of water or small beads of moisture on the inside, this can cause discomfort by not allowing us to see precisely when, but fortunately, there are simple methods to remove water or moisture from the inside of a watch.

removing water from watch

Before taking any action to remove water from a watch, it is necessary to know if this can not be eliminated by a simple method, for example, first we will place our clock somewhere where the sun will fully stick and wait a while to see if it disappears water, if this does not happen then we will place our watch inside a bag full of rice, this will help absorb water inside the watch.

If this does not work, then we can take a fan or a hairdryer and place it on the watch and wait and see what happens. If nothing will happens, we will have to take more drastic measures.

First try to remove the cover of your watch, if this is not possible then we will remove the back cover, once this is done leaves the clock outdoors and wait, if everything remains the same, then we will begin to find a way to remove internal compartments, and if unable to do so, you’d better take it to a professional before causing irreparable damage.

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