Punk accessories for transgressing

The famous do not stop to surprise us with new looks and daring accessories, as the punk accessories. If a few months ago we told you about the ear cuffs, an accessory that was triumphing among the stars, today we speak of these and other accessories only suitable for offending women and with much attitude.

punk accessories

Piercings are a complement to very bold and which are inspired by the counterculture and the punk aesthetic. Although they are associated with alternative and transgressive women increasingly being accepted in our society: there are even celebrities who have dared to wear them, as the septum. This type of fixture is sprayed into the nose, and can be a single ring or have shapes and rhinestones.

As we were saying a few months ago, the ear accessory causing rage among celebrities is the ear cuffs, a daring complement and attitude that contribute to our looks. And if not, that is to say the actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Diane Kruger, breaking with the innocent and feminine look with this complement in the ear.

punk accessories

An actress who has never hidden her punk attitude is Scarlett Johansson. The actress wore a while septum in the nose, and a few months ago was surprised everyone with her daring pompadour haircut, which combined with some piercings in her ear.

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