Premarital Priorities

There’s a lot of things to consider once a couple decides they want to make a commitment to spend their life together. Each couple’s situation is unique. For some, factors such as continuing in an education program or paying off student loans enter into the financial planning that accompanies a wedding, housing and various other aspects of a newlywed living. It may be that your financial situation is such that purchasing a diamond engagement ring is not a luxury you can afford. That doesn’t leave you in a hopeless situation. Instead, it offers you an opportunity to look for alternative engagement ring designs.

moissanite engagement rings

When you discover affordable moissanite engagement rings, you can put purchasing an engagement ring at the top of your priority list.

Moissanite is a natural mineral comprised of silicon carbide. It is almost as hard as a diamond and is actually brighter than a diamond. From a cost perspective, it is much less expensive than a diamond. That can mean the difference between not purchasing an engagement ring or giving her an engagement ring that she will be delighted to receive and wear.

Once you fall in love with the beauty and price of moissanite, you will likely find yourself returning to it when you are looking for anniversary gifts, earrings for her birthday or any special occasion that can be enhanced with the gift of exquisite jewelry.

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