Precious stones for wedding bands

The wedding bands tend to be “smooth” rings, but in the case of the bride usually wear some discreet stones. This article will discuss the traditional, but also new trends and surprising when choosing stones for possibilities your wedding bands.

stones for wedding bands

The classic
You can not start talking about alliances and not to mention the diamond. King among all gems, its brightness and white highlights look both gold and silver, and represent the purity. This makes them the ideal stone for a wedding.

However, you do not have to stay in the classic diamond. There diamonds of different hues, giving them small particles of other minerals or metals trapped in the crystal lattice of carbon.

Of all these, the most is seeing lately is the black diamond.

It is a mysterious stone, whose origin is still not entirely clear. It is a diamond in the full meaning of the word, has the crystal structure of a diamond, but it is black. The reason is small inclusions of iron inside, which give this key. In addition, they are more porous than ordinary diamonds, which has generated many hypotheses about where it originated.

The battle
It is true that the diamond is expensive, but small pieces set into a partnership do not have to make it unavailable. But for those who can not invest too many resources, the zirconia is the ideal solution.

At first glance you have to be an expert to tell them apart, since once synthesized and acquire a tone equivalent to diamond cutting. And it’s still a very hard crystal beautiful glow, which fits perfectly with the metal you choose for your alliances.

The note of color
You are not required to wear a white stone compulsorily might want something special. Nothing exaggerated, just a touch of color.

It is true that for a wedding ring one will not use stones of the lowest rank, used in jewelry. But there are gems that can turn an alliance in a show with a wide choice of colors (for example, to match the color details of your wedding dress).

Ruby: Red speaks of fire and passion, combined with diamonds and shows a strong personality.

Emerald: For optimists. The green glow emerald speaks of dreams, vitality and joy. If those are the features of your wedding, a small emerald green in your alliances may be the icing on the cake.

Sapphire: After the red and green, sapphire blue arrives. Calm, wisdom blue is an elegant and very particular color that transmits serenity and it will guild something as powerful as ethereal.

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