Precious Curiosities: The Sapphires

Sapphires are the most valued and hardest gemstones behind diamonds. The color par excellence of the sapphire is blue, however, we can find it in green, yellow, violet, black or transparent.

uses of sapphire

These stones are often used in meditation. They say that its luminosity gives clarity to the inside of the people. It brings peace of mind and helps you to have better intuition and awareness. Sapphires are also known to be the ‘Stones of Prosperity’ because there are a gift that frees from evil thoughts and helps in depressive states.

The use of the sapphire is mainly associated with jewelry but also devices that need laser technology. In addition there are synthetic sapphires that take the bluish color from titanium and chromium. These artificial ones have been manufactured since the beginning of the 20th century in a process called Verneuil; It is difficult to differentiate the precious stones that are made with this technique of the real ones, only a professional gemologist will be able to tell you which is the real one. Jewelry with built in sapphires have been considered by the Church as God’s light for its blue color. They have been the most popular precious stones as a symbol of power.

Industrial uses of sapphire
Sapphires are also used to make objects and protect them by their hardness. The first company that used these jewels in their devices was Apple to protect camera lenses from the mobile or on the home buttons of the Iphones. Other producers are integrating it into the elements they manufacture such as mobile screens, crystal watch or parts of the development of electronic devices because it has been proven that the sapphires are a great material to resist against bumps and scratches.

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