Platinum Vs Gold: What are the differences?

Metallic jewelry is derived from a specific variety of so-called precious metals. These have a brightness and color that is unique to each other, as well as different characteristics. By comparing platinum vs gold you will have an idea of what each of these valuable minerals is like.

Physical characteristics of platinum vs gold

The gold against platinum is the highest scale at which it aims to have a jewel beyond embedded gems. The main reason is their elegant appearance, endowed in turn with prestige as they are considered valuable throughout their history. However, the differences between platinum with gold are important when choosing a jewel. These are the main ones:

platinum vs gold

Color of metals

In its natural state, gold has an almost unmistakable strong yellow hue, although it is possible to find some jewels made from other alloys with a similar color. To know if it is authentic, there are different ways to know if a jewel is made of gold and thus be sure. As for the pieces already manufactured in this material, their color usually varies depending on the purity.

The highest grade in which this material is found is 24k corresponding to the gold bars for sale. Its use in jewelry is not common because it is too soft so other metals are added in low proportions such as nickel or magnesium, which affects the price of gold again platinum and the color.

The yellow shades are 22k, also rarely used in jewelry, followed by 18k, much more frequent. These correspond to first grade gold, which indicates the highest purity in the pieces, in addition to a more yellow finish if gold in its natural color.

In addition to this, there are other color variants such as white gold or rose gold. For them, other materials are used, which, in addition to hardening, change the appearance of the main metal. Therefore, it is found in shades of pink or a white similar to silver.

For its part, as for platinum in comparison with gold, the former is not mixed with any of them, preserving its natural appearance of pure white. This, depending on the use, turns a little dark on contact with the skin, giving it an aged tone. Platinum, because it is white, is an option to use in jewelry with stones as it does not detract from its bright colors.

characteristics of platinum vs gold

Platinum vs Gold Weight

The density of precious metals makes them heavier or lighter, an aspect to consider when buying a piece of jewelry. The gold vs. platinum is much heavier to having a high density in composition. Therefore, not only compared to gold but also to silver, a ring cast with platinum will always be heavier.

Some people feel the change in weight of platinum against gold when using a decorative object of the first that is why; we recommend you try the jewel before buying it. This feature is known to jewelers, so they create thinner pieces if it comes to this material.

In the comparison of platinum with gold the weight is the second best seen as it is much lighter. With it, it is possible to create necklaces, chunky bracelets or large rings without being too heavy for daily wear. Keep in mind that in the price of platinum again gold more weigh a piece, the higher its value will be.

Resistance and Uses

Jewelry design is not only marked by the colors or the weight of the raw material but also by its resistance. The gold and platinum is much harder in composition therefore does not deform easily through the years. Therefore, it is preferred for setting diamonds, rubies or other precious stones.

The additions in the rings, for example, need long-lasting grips, to keep the gems fixed and not lose them. In this regard, it is the best option to give you confidence when wearing a piece with embedded jewelry.

Gold is a soft or ductile metal. Consequently, alloys are created to make it stronger. It is still easy to bend it with a bang or break the hooks if they are very thin. Therefore, it is not very safe to embed a valuable stone in a piece of gold. One option is to use platinum hooks as fasteners in a gold design.

In the same way, the difference between platinum and gold becomes noticeable over time even in jewelry without diamonds due to the constant pressure of the body on them. Gold jewelry more easily loses its original shape when bent or dents from drops. Meanwhile, platinum is a guarantee of durability because it does not deform easily.

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Platinum vs gold value

The measurement of the value of platinum with gold has the former as the highest value due to its rarity and difficult extraction in the fields, although the price is lower. Platinum is scarce in the earth’s crust, which makes it one of the most valuable minerals, but gold continues to lead the market. Annually the quantity introduced to the market is less than half and even less in relation to the other two.

In addition, the uses of platinum, this is not reserved only for jewelry making but also for the automotive or technology sector. This creates a high demand for a rare material increasing the platinum and gold price gap every year.

Gold is more accessible to acquire and in this way create pieces of great beauty without spending too much. Also, the labor required is important as special furnaces and more work is needed. The melting point is double for platinum, in addition to being more difficult to mold by increasing the value.