Platinum characteristics and its use in jewelry

Platinum is a mineral of high value not only for its strength but for durability, making it a coveted item within the jewelry industry but also very difficult to work. It is common to find jewelry made of platinum in prestigious jewelry companies, because in order to manipulate this element requires strong technological capabilities.

platinum characteristics

In today’s article we tell you what the basic properties of platinum are and what their uses are within of jewelry. This material is without a doubt among the most stylish and sought-after by lovers and collectors of high-end jewelry.

The properties of platinum

Platinum is a mineral with really extraordinary physical characteristics, which in turn makes it extremely valuable and a totally unique material. It has a melting point is 1770°C compared to gold 1063°C and silver 961°C. This so high melting point is also what makes Platinum so difficult to manipulate and required innovative and complex technology for it.

Besides the high melting point, which gives it a unique among the many existing minerals, platinum has a very appreciable resistance to oxidation, and a large structure and ductility. With all these positive characteristics platinum is a very coveted item within the high-end jewelry and parts made based on this mineral usually have a very high economic value.

The qualities that we have mentioned above allow experts in jewelry to achieve spectacular designs and very difficult to achieve with other materials such as gold or silver. Platinum often combined with other minerals and get some chromatic combinations of great aesthetics.

Choosing platinum jewelry

As mentioned above, platinum is a very coveted material into jewelry and as a result of technological improvements you can currently see a high demand for this type of piece.

The jewelry made on the basis of platinum is strong, durable, has a unique resistance and is also hypo-allergenic. This is a fairly heavy mineral so much that weighs more than gold. As for the parts that can be achieved, platinum offers strong grip for both the diamonds and gemstones, so that combinations with these elements are not only possible but also allows creating jewelry of great beauty.

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