Perfumes and dresses: how to combine them perfectly?

When be perfect for any celebration, it is crucial to remember that all that matters is not only our physical appearance (how to make hair, how we are made up, how is our locker room), but it is also important to look after our fragrance. Choose a type of too strong smell could ruin your whole appearance at which so much time you have been working.

combine clothes with fragrances

How can we then choose the right perfume? As preferring for the best brands in the market, but also following these tips that you have prepared.

Learn how to combine clothes with fragrances
The first thing you should know to mix perfumes is not always that you need two models that are different. You can start, for example, with a body spray that you apply at the time when you take shower. Then, when this is partially absorbed by our skin, we can place a very subtle fragrance in the neck and wrists. The idea is that we are playing with different proposals to determine which ones are better marry our style.

However, there is a rule which we must respect and is that the perfumes that are more strengths are those that have to be put in first; thus, the softer fragrances not go unnoticed. For example, imagine you use a Victorio & Lucchino perfume; usually it tends to be soft for the type of notes that are used at the time of its manufacture. For this reason, it should be applied after the strongest fragrance.

To know what fragrance you can combine better being together, it will be crucial that you get to understand what the layers of individual fragrances are. The highest note is that we will get to smell first. The middle note is the one that has a warmer and soft aroma. Finally, we find the end note that has the distinction of being the one that takes to detect, but in return, is also going to stay longer on our side.

A very typical olfactory resource is what is known as gradient effect when we combine a particular perfume. If this is the first time you’re going to dare with this technique, we should go slowly to not mess up; so, what we are going to do is to integrate two fragrances that have a same ingredient (for example, can be notes of lavender). So you will not go wrong.

However, as you gain more experience in this area, then you will be able to combine some most aggressive proposals that will help you to be untying passions beyond where you go.

With these tricks, you’ll get the flavors that best marry you.

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