Pearls: Tips for use with style

Jewelry and accessories with pearls are already cultivated or fantasy, are a motif that never goes out of fashion. Then we will give a series of tips so you can use them with style.

wear pearls

How to use in your work
If you want to wear pearls to your office, choose simple pieces. To use a necklace, try not to exceed the bust line and remember that it must be nothing more than a complement and not grab the looks. If you prefer to use bracelets, an excellent idea is to use a long chain around your wrist. Of course, keep in mind that it is not safe to use more than one accessory with pearls at a time.

Do you have a night event? Nothing better
Undoubtedly, the pearls will give a very feminine and elegant look especially if you combine them with a ball gown. If your clothing is a single color, you can supplement it with long pearl necklace of large pieces; however, if your suit is with designs, it is best to use small size pearls.

You can also combine more than one accessory, because along very well with rings, bracelets and necklaces together. Another aspect to keep in mind is the question of hairstyles: If you choose one elevated, the ideal is to use long earrings; however, if you prefer your hair down, the best are the small pearl earrings.

Add pearls to your every day clothes
You can give a particular style to your everyday clothes by adding a shirt or a top, a few large pearls at the neckline. You will see that you will have a new look in a matter of minutes with only a few details. Keep in mind that you should avoid using accessories with pearls to not look overdressed or formal.

Latest tips
If your neck is short, do not use a too tight necklace. Take into account that the length of the necklace should be in proportion to the neckline, as to be more pronounced, the accessory that you use may be a little longer.

Finally, you must also consider the size of the beads that you use, since large are better if your body composition is great. Otherwise they will give the feeling of asymmetry.

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