New ways to wear jewelery with pearls

Pearls are considered classic in the world of jewelery. Delicate jewels made with this organic gem give a touch of romance to looks. But what about updating the look by mixing pearls with different colors of gold and stones?

jewelery with pearls

The long stars necklace is a reinterpretation of the traditional model called “rope”. The locks, strategically located in the stars of Noble Gold with diamonds, allow you to use it the size you prefer – smaller, greater, less or more laps. Combined with a powerful necklace with colored gemstones as the Nature of Noble Gold, diamonds and green tourmalines, results in contemporary elegance and is perfect for a night event.

jewelery with pearls

How about compose a more casual look, perfect for day to day? Mix pearls with jewelry in various shades of gold instantly update the look. Lightweight parts harmonize with the femininity of pearls without taking your focus.

Remember that after using the jewelry with pearls should be cleaned and stored properly to preserve all its natural beauty.

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