New tips to care for silver jewelry

Cleaning and care of silver jewelry is very easy if you take into account a few basic steps. With very little care and maintenance of silver jewelry will always shine.

care of silver jewelry

First and foremost: use them! Do not book them only for occasions and you’ll see that the more you use more soon acquire the beautiful patina that characterizes it.

It is always wise to remember that silver is a soft metal so a silver piece can be bent or marked if misused.

Another tip to consider is how to store them when not in use. It is essential not to put them together with other metals or loose in a jewelry box. The ideal is to keep each piece in individual bags than plastic. This form of storage helps from being scratched in contact with other jewelry and do not have contact with the air that causes the loss of the brightness.

A curious fact is that you must leave a piece of silverware on a table or piece of furniture, especially if it’s oak, because it will darken. In the same way if it is stored in a container of paper or cardboard.

As for cleaning silver jewelry, much has been said but it is best to use a soft flannel cloth and gently rub them. In case you need to remove some dirt deeper use a small amount of liquid detergent or soap in half a cup of warm water and wipe the piece gently with a cloth soaked in it, then rinse with clean warm water and finally dry it very well. If it is jewelry with a rough or very elaborate, you can use a toothbrush to get thoroughly clean.

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