Necklace for different type of necklines

Accessories are a key point to compliment of any wardrobe. That is why we have to choose them according to our neck.

In this way we will be giving enhancement to the garment without overshadow the attire that let’s put. General recommendations:

  • Remember that the accessories that you choose must be in accordance with your wardrobe, style and occasion.
  • If your clothing call too much attention opt for simple necklaces, so that they will not steal the limelight from your garment, if instead your outfit is as simple to take a chance with accessories. As long as there is harmony between them.

strapless necklines

Strapless Necklines:

  • When using any outfit with this type of neckline you have the freedom to combine it with any kind of necklaces.
  • You can opt for a simple necklace as long as your choose, thick necklaces, XXL or plus size necklaces. As for the colors you have to choose them according to your skin tone or games with your earrings.
  • But that if take into account that when choosing a strapless garment necklaces can be short or long, large but considering that its main part should always remain on the skin of your neck.

Boat Necklines:

  • When using any outfit with this type of neckline considers that the ideal is to use small, short and simple necklaces.
  • Remember that using short and simple necklaces, should always be within the area of your skin.
  • And finally you will not forget that the less loaded or big is the necklace will look longer and slim your neck.

“V” Necklines:

  • When using this type of cleavage in “V” or deep can opt to use accessories either short or long, thin or wide.
  • Just keep in mind that if you have large breasts is best to wear long necklaces that exceed your cleavage. This is to make your body look more stylish.
  • In short, this type of neckline can highlight using accessories that already contain the same form of your neckline with stones, seeds or any other adornment that mimics the form of the shape. And do not ever forget that the necklace must be within the area of your skin.

High or Turtle Neckline:

  • By having this type of neckline on one of your clothes you have total freedom to use long necklaces, Over or XXL size.
  • That if you do not forget that you stylize your figure through a long necklace you get to the waist but try not to tighten your neck.
  • And finally remember that your accessories should be in harmony with the rest of your outfit in terms of colors, patterns and textures choose the one you like taking into account all the above.

round necklines

Round Neckline:

  • The ideal necklaces for this type of neckline are short which is framed inside of the viewing area of your skin.
  • You can use short or medium necklaces, 1 or 2 turns, necklaces glued to your neck. But taking into account that should be in your skin.
  • In short dare to use yourself necklaces with the colors that more you like, but of course that they do contrasts with your clothing.

Square Neckline:

  • Like previous cleavage ideal is to use short necklaces, necklaces that are attached to your neck, that will help you stylize your neck.
  • You can choose the pendant necklaces with your preference, but always remember that the latter should be resting on your skin.
  • Finally your necklaces should be medium or short, but always thin. As for colors and patterns, you choose which style suits your personality.

shirt necklines

Shirt Neckline:

  • With this type of neckline short, simple and thin necklaces come in handy.
  • Necklaces you can choose to give 1 or 2 turns. But remember that these should always end in your skin. The same goes if they contain charms or any other adornment.
  • Do not forget that you can also use the classic necklaces glued to your neck it would come to you very well.

Strap Neckline:

  • By using this type of neckline always choose long or short necklaces as its main part end into your skin.
  • As for colors, patterns and textures choose the one you like just do not forget that should be simple and not too strained.
  • Ideally, this kind of neckline is that, the necklace style and enhance your shoulders, which is why you can opt for necklaces that attached to the neck (necklaces) with charm.