Learn how to choose jewelry to wear on special occasions

Prom, wedding, party, no matter what the occasion is, the production has to be impeccable and the jewels are allies more than special in this regard. Here you can ask important questions to not make ugly this great day and discover how to mix rocks.

how to choose jewelry

Now you have no excuse anymore for leaving the jewels to the last minute.

Do the jewelry must match the color of the clothes? How to set this combination?
It is not necessary that the color of the jewel is the same clothing or other accessories, but it is important to have a matching set. A jewelry of bold colors and striking, such as those emeralds or rubies, work very well with crisp neutral colors such as black, white or nudes. But when the outfit has vibrant colors, it is recommended the use of more subtle tones with translucent stone, especially diamonds. There is no restriction as to the shades of gold.

In fact, the sets are a good option and simplify the choices. However, it is not mandatory that the woman use a set. It is quite usual to mix parts of different collections that complement each other, either for the stone, by design or by gold tone.

Is it worth mixing different materials? What better way to do this mix without making mistakes?
We have jewelry with a unique gold tone, Gold Noble, which combines very well with both pieces of yellow gold, for the red or white gold. You can mix the shades when the jewels have a predominance of stones and gold is a more discreet. OR if you want to do, purposely, a game of contrasts between colors.

What better way to mix different types of gold?
The game between textures of gold is free. It’s pretty much the contrasting effect between the brightness of a piece of polished gold and gold satin matte surface, for example.

Regarding the size of the jewel, is it necessary to choose only one large piece or everything can be maxi?
Parts that are closer to each other, like earrings and necklace, the ideal is to make the counterpoint. If one is great, it is recommended that the other is more delicate. However, when the jewels are farther apart, there are no problems in combining a large earring and large bracelet, or a beautiful ring with a great necklace. Just does not work well the combination of many great pieces – earrings, ring, necklace and bracelet – so that the beauty of the woman herself does not overshadow.

Does necklaces look good with any type of neckline?
Get better in more open necklines, would stand out more. The more closed is the cleavage, better than if you opt for more delicate necklaces or collars glued to the neck.

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