Jewels: how do you wear them?

Jewels complement the dress and enhance our attributes more delicate if you know how to wear them. To stand out when wearing jewelry or garments notes the following of advice:

Maximum five
Wear clothing in excess steals your glamour. No need to wear all the jewelry that you have at home to show off. As for jewelry, simplicity is the key.

wear jewelry

Keep your balance
if you carry a big and flashy necklace, keep the rest of your jewelry as simple as possible. Combine it with a tiny earrings, bracelet, watch and delicate rings.

Jewels in contrast
If your outfit is dark or opaque, enhances your look with jewelry in bright colors like turquoise, red, lime green or amber. If on the other hand, you dress colorfully, opt for pearls, gold or silver.

Basic ring
It is needless to wear a ring on every finger and less if the rings are great. One or two are sufficient in one hand and if you have a striking ring it is best to use it alone.

Jewelry with gems are very elegant if look in moderation. If you wear flashy earrings and bracelet with stones, the rest of the jewelry can be gold or silver to lower the intensity and complement. Makeup can also be the perfect place to enhance your beauty without using additional jewelry complement.

Jewelry for the occasion
During the daytime choose simple garments in gold, silver or pearls or colorful garments as your outfit. The night is perfect to highlight more flashy jewelry.

Quality above all
For special occasions invest in jewelry and lasting value as a good string of pearls, a game in gold or silver or precious stones. For day to day there is a variety of cheaper jewelry. Always choose the hypoallergenic to prevent bad times.

As a lady
When you touch clothing costume long and elegant, leaves at home your bracelet, piercings or any jewelry that makes you look ordinary.

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