Jewelry trends for fall

Do you want to know the latest in jewelry? Here we discuss jewelry trends for fall 2014 – 2015 so that you can be fashionable.

It seems that for this next season everything is permitted, especially in the world of jewelry. XXL or oversized jewelry will be, such as useful to get any monochrome look, sober and boring.

fall jewelry

However, the jewelry inspired by geometric shapes also has some prominence: straight necklaces, bracelets that draw triangles, circles… will become a must-have for next season.

Meanwhile, the rigid jewelry also create trend. If this summer have begun to see hard and stiff necklaces around the necks of many celebrities, prepare yourselves because during this fall will be the daily bread.

Finally, floral-inspired jewels have also caused trend and it is that there are many brands of jewelry that have opted to represent part of nature in their jewelry. In this sense, therefore, you will find necklaces with petals, in the form of flower pendants…