Jewelry, more is more!

Long ago, the maximum “less is more” was that we adapted to everything that had to do with fashion. Beware of colors, patterns and overlays. Also in matters of beauty: at the time of going out to the street wear too much or excessive makeup. And of course, just about jewelry: never wear too many pieces together. However, this view has changed, and each time we think over the fact get in tune with various jewels while.

too many jewelry

To do is pure trend, and although it is true that if we have too many jewelry at the same time, we can sure our look is too overdone. If we see that this is too much for us, and we want to carry many parts but without attracting too much attention, then the secret is to choose the size of them.

Bet on several rings, normal or adjusted to the phalanx, more than one pendant with crosses, round, infinity, peace symbols… And at the same time filling our wrist bracelets will make us feels the trendiest.

Wear clothing that is very discreet can be fixed with these pieces of fine jewelry that will be worth us for all times and situations. The most important thing is to feel unique in a situation like this, and make our unique styling despite the circumstances.

Since then, it has been set up in all situations that have to do with the look, and the accessories were not to be outdone. More is more.