Jewelry for wedding guests

Whenever we look at styling bridal suite, either ours or those around us, we believe that the main attraction is the essential dress. But what about the rest of attributes that can be incorporated into a wedding event? We speak, of course, the jewelry we wear when we go to a wedding party. These will depend, of course, of the style in question on the one hand, our tastes and personality, on the other, and everything we can think in light of what we’re going to wear and the place we will go.

wedding guest jewelry

If for example, we will take a look consisting of palazzo pants, top and platforms, with a nice picked, maybe it’s time to go for big earrings with colorful stones. To wear a two-piece can make us feel of more sophisticated and that will help us choose the best jewelry.

In another case, we refer to take a look for a wedding in the morning, then probably the outfit you choose is a short dress that exposes our legs and arms. As it is quite likely that let’s also a headdress, a Crown of flowers or boater to cover our heads, we should not focus our efforts on too pretty earrings, but take some more discreet, because between the hair, hairstyle, and what we take in head is not going to see much. Therefore, we can go for bracelets. Since we are going to be very ornate on top, it would be advisable to think of as a necklace.

This neck piece would be the best for a stylist night, where the dresses are more loose, and if we take it in a single color can symbolize a great choice.