Jewelry for them: give originality!

It has always been said that the best gift for a woman is jewelry, especially a diamond. But what about the men? Sure, when you went to a mall, or a jewelry store, you see that there is a section dedicated to accessories specially designed for them, whether bracelets, rings or pendants.

Jewelry for them

The jewelry for them is a growing trend and there are fewer people who think it is something that leaves its standard of masculinity. Increasingly, men and fashion go hand in hand. Of course, the challenge is to choose a type of supplement that fits their way of being.

What types of jewelry for them are there?
For men there are different types of jewelry, but not all will appeal to all kids. There are leather bracelets, silver bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings … You see, and the range is quite wide. To choose, look at the characteristics of your guys and choose a jewelry that suits their tastes:

If your guys are classic: the perfect jewel is a silver bracelet as it is a traditional item, if it comes to choosing, you go for one that is fine, will be pretty discreet.

If your guys are smarter: More and more guys who care about their image even more than us. For them, we recommend neck jewelry, of course male type; e.g. the strip of leather and a rectangular pendant. If you do not like this style, also this kind of guys you’ll give her some earrings, within which you will find a variety of styles: from small diamond earring.

If you think your guy is more daring and his style is more ‘cute’: Long necklaces, of course, male type. We refer to the fashion of the rosary style necklace, as hated as beloved among the expert and made fond in fashion.

If your guys like alternative: Certainly also seek something more discreet so you do not draw attention but involving both a statement of intent. In that case, it will be the leather bracelet jewel. When choosing one of these, you’ll find yourself at a large variety and choice will be harder: beaded? Else finer or coarser? The choice will depend of course on the tastes of your guy.

Dare to give away … and be original!

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