Jewelry for the skin, the latest trend of this summer

Will you give your image a chic inimitable? Let to buy clothing for the very latest, even clothing and accessories, if you want to transform your look in the most chic of the time, join us in the new revolution of the summer : jewels for the skin. Do you know?

jewelry for skin

Body decoration through jewels attached to your skin is the latest trend of this summer which can become the center of attention. For those who do not know it, it comes to temporary tattoos lasting from four to six days, which may transform your look at the time in the most chic.

In this sense, therefore, forget pendants, rings and chains and opt for letting your imagination flow and decorate skin with the jewel that will come to mind: hearts, stars, moons, diamonds, gold, silver, metal stones … anything goes and anything is possible!

The jewels for the skin may make you shine this summer. To achieve these goals, only you must cut the Tatt that you want to look and with a cloth or cotton either soaked in water, pressed for 30 seconds in the body part that you want to show it: foot, back, arm, forehead, belly … once the last time, remove the paper carefully and the tatt will shine in your skin for 4 or 6 days .

It is a perfect trend for all those women who like to constantly changing style as they are ephemeral tattoos. Moreover, it is a good way to create your own style as you can design jewelry yourselves and combine them, cut them and use them as you wish.

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