Jewelry for men: Rules of use that you should know

The objective of this article is to provide men a guide for wearing jewelry, so that we can have a better grasp of the signals that we send. For better or worse, jewelry for men transmit signals about who we are, the commitments we have made and our status in society.

use male jewelry

While passing sometimes unnoticed, these small pieces of metal and stone can have a major impact on the opinions of the people with whom we want to work or get to know, it is why in this article we provide important guidelines to bear in mind if we want to send the right visual message.

I am aware that in different cultures in the world, men wear jewelry in different ways, so I will try to provide the most generalized approach. In any case I would love you to comment your own point of view regarding male jewelry and the role that plays in your personal and professional environment.

Rules of Use

Make it simple
If in doubt, my recommendation is to choose a simple gem if you do not like to stand out too much.

Once you’re comfortable using generally accepted accessories, you can if you want to start introducing other pieces of jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets for men.

Combination of metals
Most of the jewelry for men are metal. The gold and silver are the most common. Your clothes must present a tone that combines with the metal of your gem, and if you use more than one gem right thing is that are of the same metal.

Gold is a warmer color; it is associated with the sun, abundance (wealth) and power. Also with great ideals, wisdom and knowledge. It is a color that revitalizes the mind, energy and inspiration.

It combines well with browns and other earthy colors and with vivid colors like navy blue or dark green.

Silver and silver tones of metals such as polished stainless steel or chrome are neutral.

Silver is also linked to the money that is used as a material for manufacturing coins. In some Latin American countries money is called silver. The silver represents the grandeur and luxury, but the main color is always gold, symbolizing the ideal value, while silver, the material value.

The silver is symbolically near the white which also reflects a lot of light. It also relates to the speed and modern technology, including chrome, platinum and all “silver” metals.

For example you can combine twins silver with dark gray or black clothing for a timeless and elegant look or you can use it with lighter colors in the summer without the fear that overwhelm the soft colors of your wardrobe.

  • As for precious stones, men should not abuse them. Something small, single color. Anything beyond that finds a display of bad taste.
  • Jewelry with leather parts are preferably natural earth tones, not dyed black, and never with ostentatious metal studs, unless mountains a Harley Davidson;

The exceptions to issues with color combination are wedding bands and antique pieces. A man can always wear his wedding ring, and if you do not play with other metal jewelry you use, do not worry. It will simply call a little attention, and there is nothing wrong with people notice the visible symbol of your commitment.

As for antiques, try to match, but assuming that the piece does not attract much attention (like a small ring or a watch), the impact of the metals is acceptable.