Jewelry for brides, what to choose?

After the arduous task of getting the perfect wedding dress to dazzle the big day, get to choose the other accessories that will complete the look without stealing the limelight to dress: shoes, bouquet … and jewelry! The engagement ring is very nice, but it is not the only thing. We know how difficult it is to choose the right jewelry that attract attention and are of the same style as the dress without being excessive. So we help you choose the most appropriate depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Jewelry for brides

In addition to the pearls, which increasingly are more confined to classic and traditional style of brides, today the most common tend to be earrings and fine bracelets with diamonds or crystals. A simple, elegant and very feminine style, but above all discreet.

If you want to add a different touch, bet on jewelry that has a touch of color, instead of the classic white, choose earrings with gold finishes, blue crystals or, our favorite option: jewels with emerald or green crystals. It is a very flattering color for all the women and one of the most elegant. If you want to add a different touch, choose a bracelet. The best option is always gold or silver, as the size of this jewel draws attention to itself. The bracelets whose design consists of leaves and flowers are perfect for any season.

Jewelry for brides

Unless the wedding dress is strapless, in which case a fine pendant with a touch of color will be ideal, not advise adding a necklace because it would steal limelight to dress. If you are an unconventional bride and prefer another type of jewelry, choose from the many options of brooches vintage that you will find in the best jewelry shops. Finally, if you want jewelry with meaning, opt for a bracelet with the infinity symbol. Simple and emotional.

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