Jewelry for bride

When choosing accessories to wear on a wedding day, every woman needs to decide which would go better with not only the wedding dress but also her personal style, and with the shape of her face.

jewelry for bride

On this day, is unacceptable escape excessive jewelry, and that could be a look too heavy. Therefore, although there are many women who in addition to the alliance of married decide to take their engagement ring, hands should be as bare as possible, like the neckline. Of course, it all depends on the personality of the bride, and what used to be or not to wear ornaments in every day.

However, for those looking for traditional wedding outfit, and above all, not to be disguised during wedding day, need to focus on a single jewel: the earrings. Whether inherited from mothers and grandmothers have a special story behind it, as being the piece that the women of the family have shown the day of her marital unions, or just part of the ‘something new’ that it is for a wedding, wear some nice earrings is essential.

While we carry this day the free hair, a piece of jewelry in white gold – the most recommended, fine and elegant for a bridal – make that attention will focus on the face. The length of these relies solely on the tastes of the bride, although it is the perfect day to “risk” of mild form with some tear-drop shape.

In fact, some women decide that its ‘something blue’ is what decorate her ear in wedding day, using a crystal pendant that besides being the jewel of emergency, also remember that blue indispensable.

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