Jewelry, bijou… spread sensuality, delicacy and color!

Women, by nature, are very detailed … every time we see something new in a shop that can get along with our look, try not hesitating to buy it! For this reason, it made millions of garments, accessories and clothing for each type of woman … we just need to find our style.


The bijou is an important supplement for women, speaks for itself and speaks volumes about the person carrying it. There are many supplements and many types for every style and occasion!

You can make a set of supplements, or you can choose one that gives a touch that was missing from your outfit! You can use supplements that are simple or showier. What care about is that you must be very full by putting many accessories that combine with each other.

What accessory worn for every occasion?

  • To work … should be delicate and stylish. You should not draw too much attention!
  • For the day, you can take something flashier, without too much brightness. You can play with the sizes and colors to choose right one!
  • For major events you will need silver, bronze, gold, white gold, diamonds, gemstones, crystals, beads, murrine or pearls.
  • For a more casual look you will see beads or pearls, stones, chains, leather, glass, copper, rubber or metal.

There are necklaces, pendants, bracelets or bangles, earrings, rings or caravans!

The stones or gems are an essential material if we talk about accessories. They are beautiful and bring all image and shine to our look! No matter if we want to wear all day or for special occasions, no matter if we like big or small. They are beautiful, always!

5 types of most commonly used stones are:

  • The amazonite stone is known for its color, comes in shades of turquoise.
  • Labradorite stones are in many colors like white, blue, red, green, gray. You’ll be amazed at the brightness given off and how precious this gem!
  • The aventurine stone makes a beautiful gem for accessories. It is seen mainly in shades of green but there are also yellow or blue.
  • The citrine exists in beige and gold tones. Gem is uncommon and is believed to be tonalities iron containing structure.
  • The magic of smoky quartz is that it is a glass stone that varies in tone, ranging from light brown to nearly black. It contains lots of shine and color. Their colors are dark which makes it a perfect gem to wear all day!

Within the family of the accessories you can see a lot of variety … Which is right for you?

folk necklaces

  • Ethnic necklaces or bracelets are ideal for you if you identify with a casual and elegant, you must carefully choose the stones and colors for every occasion.
  • Folk necklaces or bracelets are long chain and have fringes or stones, attract much attention and combine well with a casual and fresh look. These come in full color and are perfect for you to use during the day!
  • In most stylish accessories you can choose the ones that are made in gold, silver, crystals or gems. Sure you will find the one that best suits your tastes and your chances! These are the perfect complement to formal outings or parties. You will be able to look delicate, elegant and very sophisticated. Use this kind of necklace with a sexy outfit and high heels.
  • The beads are ideal for special occasions and formal dinners! You can use them in necklaces, caravans or bracelets.
  • Diamonds are the protagonists to talk about jewelry … are worthy of celebrities and famous, but if you’re one of the lucky ones, use it, take it out and enjoy a very formal party at night. Security will be in the spotlight, giving brightness to whom you look!

Depending on what your style, you’ll choose the accessory for you, to complete your look, shine and feel beautiful!

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