Jewelry: As Transient As It Is Permanent

Jewelry is a transient art form. And buying handmade jewelry is one of my contributions to the circle of life and art. I have bought, been given and lost so much jewelry over the years that the last time I lost a ring I no longer felt any sadness. I hoped only that the person that found it would enjoy it as much as I had. Come to think of it, I believe the last ring I lost I had actually also found, so I’m sure that helped a bit.

The first ring I can remember loosing was a snake ring that my brother Alex had given to me for my birthday. I must have been only about thirteen or fourteen when he gave it to me. It was a beautiful silver snake that never connected, but wrapped around my finger. I could initially re-size it to any finger and its perfect little head and two eyes would look up at me when I looked down at it on my hand. It made me feel like a goddess of nature; I had the power to command the animals! It was also special because it was a gift from my younger brother, it was such a thoughtful present and he must have saved up to purchase it for me.

I enjoyed it for several years until one fateful day I took it off and left it in a cubby in the dressing room of my high school pool where some other girls and I were practicing for the swim team. It was in a small pile with several other rings and necklaces’ I had worn that day of various materials like leather and embroidery thread, my way of trying to differentiate myself from my friends and the other students at school during those years of so much growth whilst trying to understand my place in the world and in my family. With so much confusion and teenage angst no wonder I was distracted and I was devastated by the loss and moped for weeks.

If I still had that jewelry and especially that snake ring I would wear it to this day. It was a beautiful shape and quality silver that would have stood the test of time and fashion. Not only that, those rings and necklaces said something about me to me, and to the world. They communicated a message and a feeling when I wore them, as all jewelry does when anybody wears it. Just think of the Kings and Queens of days gone by, and even the music and fashion icons of today. There is a statement in every piece, and there is also a statement in the lack of wearing jewelry.

handmade jewelry

I believe this is because the jewelers who make rings, necklaces, earing, bracelets, and so forth, feel inspired and truthful when they are creating them. There is also a beauty and truth in the person who sees something of a friend, family member or lover in that artwork and then endeavours to make it theirs.

This truth and beauty in the craft, the acquisition and in the pieces themselves translate to the person who wears them and then in turn shares that truth and beauty with those around them. When you buy handmade jewelry you are perpetuating a circle of beauty and creativity, a want and a need to see, share and wear beautiful things, and there is nothing wrong with that.

I have never stopped buying beautiful handmade jewelry of all kinds. Back in the 80’s and 90’s my friends and I were obsessed with rings. These days with access to the internet, media and a global shipping network, fashion is all about what looks good on you instead of sticking to one particular look devised for everybody that is created in one area of the world.

Although trends come and go, such as leggings for pants, leg warmers and the fluorescent colors of the 80’s, (some of which you wish never to return), I look to iCraft’s handmade gifts for beautiful timeless pieces that speak to me and about me and about those I love. Those which are made by artists who are influenced by so many different social and economic factors around the globe, but that are in essence just like me. iCraft showcases artists and their handicrafts that communicate a passion and a realness in their unique design and blend of materials that a perfect carbon copy factory made piece never could. I cherish the pieces I purchase and ultimately know that at some point I will misplace a ring on the bathroom sink after washing my hands, or have something stolen from me at a beach, but it is still worth going back to iCraft and to all individual artists, to keep that cycle going.

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