Ideas to combine your bib necklace

There are trends that come and go, and others that came relatively recently to stay. This especially goes for accessories and complements. Wear a bib necklace a few seasons ago it seemed cheesy, childish and impractical. However, today it has become a must for any fashion that boasts, and is a supplement that gives luxury sophistication and elegance to any style.

combine bib necklace

To include it in all kinds of looks and give the key point to a single image, we propose a series of outfits that will make it the absolute protagonist:

  • If your bib necklace is very large and is finished off in excessively bright colors, bet on a total black look. It is star tone that goes with everything, and gives you an air of more arranged. Trousers, blouse and neutral american, to triumph already with your super necklace.
  • If on the other hand, it is large but very light, almost neutral colors, you can combine it with bright dresses.
  • If what you want is to highlight in a casual and comfortable look for work, wear it with jeans and turtleneck. It will be the undisputed protagonist of your look.
  • To get a sober outfit, you must choose one necklace downplay the rest of clothes, but highlighted. The one that is wrapped in stones or rhinestones will be best suited at this time.
  • It is ideal for events such as the last night of the year. December 31 dare with a golden or silver bib necklace, which shine enough to focus your attention on it on your black dress.
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