How to wear vintage jewelry

The vintage jewels are increasingly used and combined in the daily looks. Now they are a little more affordable to all, although some, of course, reach quite high prices for majority.

wear vintage jewelry

Most commonly combine jewelry with elegant vintage clothes, take them on holidays or special occasions, but this is becoming as aside. Now we go further and combine the vintage jewelry with daily looks. They are the perfect complement to looks more normal, giving them special airs and striking points.

Let’s see some ways of combining vintage jewels so you take advantage of and look different and radiant.

Jeans, t-shirts and vintage necklace
Combine your daily casual look of jeans and T-shirts with slippers or heels with your vintage necklace, thus highlight your overall casual look with a special element.

Pants, shirt and vintage bracelet
For more formal looks or work combines a type of palazzo pants, blouse and vintage bracelet. You will maintain an elegant and formal look while you’re wearing something special that will encourage your long working hours.

Skirts, shirts and vintage necklace
For more feminine looks and combined skirts and blouses with vintage pieces and give more emphasis to full getting the desired look and more points of attention.

Dresses and jewelry
With your clothes there are many possible combinations, from combining light dresses in black or boho style contrasting it with vintage jewelry or more closed preppy clothes, and your necklaces above. The bib type necklaces over a closed neck dress give the feeling of casting, as if the dress and necklace were one only.

Now you have some ideas to combine your vintage jewelry, make them the most, and rejoice the day wearing something more special than usual. It is always a good way to be happy day even with special little touches.

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