How to wear maxi jewelry with style

The accessories play a very important role in any woman’s outfit. From head to toe, we must be careful when choosing them and do so by following our personal style. Among them, the jewels are the most headache can result when combined, especially those in XXL size that both favor if we know how and with what to wear.

maxi jewelry

Usually, it is not difficult to find jewelry that best suit us, either by price, size or shape. May be we prefer the more discreet and simple, and believe that XXL size is not for us. However, it is always good to know how to combine a maxi jewel, be it a necklace, a pair of earrings, a ring or a bracelet. If we know how to wear this type of accessory we will get a great look. Do not pigeonhole as someone with a simple and basic style, a maxi jewel will do wonders with any of our outfits without much effort.

The maxi necklaces, XXL size, great to give a twist to our most basic items such as a LBD. They are also called “Bibs” which give us an elegant touch. Multicolored, gold or silver tones, whichever is great to get our purpose: to make us notice. As for the outstanding maxi, it will be great with any look a little more sober and simple, doing that all eyes will focus on our face.

This type of jewelry helps focus the attention of those watching us to a certain point. It is important to be careful and not more vintages of a maxi jewel to our outfit; if we pay attention to the rest of the people will be dispersed and will look too excessive.

As follow these tips, the XXL jewelry will do nothing more than improve our looks and give a touch of style that we need.

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