Know how to wear a watch, an art

The first clocks appear towards the end of the 15th century, but the models of the time were very different from those worn today. Indeed, the first watches were more like watches that had to be worn around the neck, since their size was impressive.

how to wear a watch

Little practical, these were abandoned by pocket watches that were also disappearing with the arrival of wristwatches at the beginning of the 20th century.

The watch as a fashion accessory

Regardless of the model of the time, watches have always been associated with style and elegance.

If some people see more the practical and informative side of the object, others refer to the clock as if it were an authentic object of worship, as precise and refined mechanisms, which are transmitted from generation to generation.

Nowadays the watch is worn by a majority of men, but it does not matter what quality, price or appreciation one of the most masculine jewels is. Some style rules must be respected to be able to wear a watch correctly.

With a suit

There are several occasions when we must wear a suit. If some must wear it every day for professional reasons, others associate this style only to more festive events, such as a wedding. The suit offers charisma and elegance to men, but also security, provided that the person is comfortable in it. The suit helps maintain elegance in any situation.

The watch must adapt to the suit, to sublimate much better the last and the overall appearance. Here we find two schools, two styles, and two possible options. The first is to wear a discreet, sober-colored clock that will integrate with the suit and with your own style. For example, you can wear a thin watch that slides easily under the shirt. The costumes are usually dark in color, so watches with bright colors should be avoided.

A brand like Tissot offers very chic models at very affordable prices. You can also choose a larger watch, but be careful, if the wrist is too thin, the latter runs the risk of offering a ridiculous side to the appearance of the man who wears it.

With a casual style

On the weekend, during the holidays, or simply in everyday life, when wearing casual, light and normal clothes, the watch is also an essential accessory that can reflect the mood of the moment.

The watches with strap of fabric combine perfectly with a casual style. With a white T-shirt, some navy blue and little lighter jeans, a watch with a cloth strap is the best option that allows to maintain the elegance during the rest of the day.

The brand Daniel Wellington, offers in fact a specialty in this type of watches, with debugged models, and for a price quite affordable for any pocket.