How to tell if a diamond is real or fake

When you purchase a diamond in which you invest a lot of money, you want to be 100% sure that the diamond is real. Currently you can not even trust the vendors themselves, and the best option is that a reputable jeweler will value the diamond.

check diamond

If you buy a stone you have not seen, as in the case of buying jewelry online, it is advisable to request a certificate (laboratory known as GIA, AGSL, LGP, and PGGL).

Below, we list a few simple steps to perform with the diamond so you can check if it is real or false:

  • Check the brightness of the diamond. A real diamond brighter than glass and other materials.
  • Place the diamond above a paragraph of text of a page, if you can see the text content through diamond, then possibly not be a diamond.
  • Uses a 10x loupe to verify stone. The real diamonds usually have minor imperfections. The zircons for example do not have these imperfections.
  • If breathing up the diamond it is blurred for a few seconds, then probably is not a real diamond, since the real diamonds eliminate moisture at the same time.
  • See scratch glass with diamond. The real diamonds will scratch the glass while not a fake one.
  • Draw a circle on a sheet and put the diamond in the middle of the circle. Look through the diamond and if it is a diamond, you have to see a reflection in the stone circle.
  • A diamond that is real are reflected different grey shades. Otherwise if you see colorful reflections, possibly will be a fake diamond.
  • In any jewelry generally have a device to recognize if the diamond is real or not.
  • A fake diamond weighs 70% more than the real diamonds that have the same shape and size. Compare the weight of the diamond you want to buy with a real diamond that you know its weight.

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