How to shine your jewelry?

Having jewelry is one of the greatest pleasures in the daily lives of all women. No woman could claim not to like jewelry, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, pearl jewelry etc. As is the modern jewel, the women are keen.

shine jewelry

Wearing jewelry can showcase their elegance and charm. But after a period of wearing, jewelry can become dull, yellowed, or damaged. So you must take care in your jewelry and each piece of jewelry needs a special attention.

To shine beaded jewelry, you can rub the soft cotton that is used especially for wiping glasses or camera lenses. Or you can rub in distilled or boiled water. You must remember that pearl jewelry should not be washed in running water or chemicals.

To polish gold jewelry or silver simply rub jewelry with toothpaste, then rinse with clear water and dry with a soft cotton cloth. For gold jewelry, you can rub using the mixed liquid of salt and vinegar. Or you can go to a jeweler and to clean your jewelry by a professional so that it returns to its original state.

With a little know-how and tricks, your jewelry will find its original brightness.

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