How to recognize and identify real pearls

Many times it is essential to know how to recognize real pearls, as there are many counterfeiters who sold fake pearl can get much money from those who can not distinguish between an original piece and a fake one. The pearls are very rare, only created in one of every 10,000 molluscs.

identify real pearls

The main reason why there is a lot of fake, is because the pearls have been used in jewelry pieces for many years, for this popularity is that many people tend to create fakes and mislead the people offering cheap jewelry or even in some cases similar to the real pieces this way not to create suspicions.

There are two easy ways to identify a fake pearl, the first is simply to see if the pearl is smooth, if it is then it is likely to be fake, to do this you can rub two pearls or, rub the pearl in question with the front of your teeth, so will feel if it is smooth.

Another way is to see the pearl with a magnifying glass, a real pearl seem having mazes on its surface when you look at it through a magnifying glass, if the surface is not this way then it is fake one.

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