How to recognize a gemstone

Buy jewelry with gemstones can be quite confusing because the prices are very different for jewelry that appears to be similar. Many of the terms used to define them can be confusing because they are labeled as natural, genuine, synthetic, simulated, treated or, in some cases, a combination of these words.

recognize gemstone

Even for professional gemologists can be arduous task to differentiate a real stone from another that is not. Currently, there are sophisticated manufacturing technologies that make synthetic stones may be not only as a current but generally are created using the same processes as natural.

Natural stones are those found in nature without that the hand of man has changed them. When they appear in jewelry have already been cut and polished but have not been altered in other aspects. We could say that these are genuine stones but are not natural because they have been modified to improve its appearance.

A synthetic stone shares the physical, chemical and optical characteristics but is created in a laboratory. An important aspect to consider is that synthetic stones are often too perfect what is undoubtedly perceived by a gemologist, while natural may have small inclusions such as internal air bubbles, cracks and some remains of other minerals.

Therefore, a good tip is to consult an expert before doubt because sometimes it is difficult for differentiate but have elements to be able to do so with accuracy.

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