How to properly combine our jewelry?

Like apparel, jewelry that we use can greatly enhance our appearance, if we know the right choice; otherwise even the cutest dress can be ruined. There is a huge variety of styles of jewelry that we can use depending on the season, occasion and mood.

combine jewelry

In the summer we usually dress in light and with bright and cheerful colors, to make these shades are ideal choose silver or pearls jewelry. Of course we should avoid using too much jewelry because this way we just feel uncomfortable and will show unnatural image. Just use a few that are delicate.

For cloudy days of winter is the best thing to use vibrant colors clothing like orange, turquoise and green, these colors brighten our face to brightening our days. To combine these garments nothing better than gold jewelry.

combine jewelry

For morning walks we take something simple a delicate chain and not very ornate earrings.

For afternoon and evening we can use more sophisticated jewelry, combining with our clothes but they are not too heavy. Everything should be sparkling stones are only at night and on solid colors.

All women should have two basic types of jewelry with a variety of different styles of clothing. For red, violet and golden shrimps are the ideal combination while silver combines wonderfully with peach, pink and blue. For neutral colors like black and white we can choose either of two options.

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