How to measure finger to find out the size of the ring?

When buying an engagement ring, wedding band or wedding ring, finger size of our partner is crucial, you have to measure it correctly to not wrong. Here you have some good tips and tricks to make this easier.

measure ring size

Before you begin, it is important to remember that the engagement ring is usually worn, before marrying in the ring finger of the left hand. And after the wedding, if you want, you can change the same finger of the right hand, next to the wedding band.

How to determine the size of a ring without your partner knowing
If you are considering giving a ring to your partner, for her birthday, her saint, valentine, your anniversary, or just because, and to not spoil the surprise, you can use a ruler and measure the diameter just any ring have. With the size of the diameter, you can look at the correspondence in the tables that are developed by the jewelers for that purpose.

How to measure your partner’s finger: other options
When your partner is not present, borrows a ring used in the left hand and draws the inner ring outline in a role.

Another trick is to use a wire, which must be positioned at the level of the second phalanx of the finger, without tightening it too much. Then measure the string with a ruler and get the circumference of finger. Then, with the diameter, just have to find the correct match in the tables.

Other options, more ingenious, are to print the ring on a bar of soap, for example, those of the hotels. With the trace of soap, you can use the meter sizes.

And of course, you can always take your partner to jewelry, either by surprise or not, and there choose the model that she prefers and the size does not cause any problems. Yes, if your partner chooses, you have to be willing to fund your selections.

Did you know that your finger to measure it when it gets not too hot? Do not forget that your fingers tend to swell when the temperature rises. And, it is always better to buy a larger ring, which can be reduced in size, that one small.

According to the statistics, the average size of the ring for a woman that measured between 1.6 cm and despite 60 kilos is the size 12. Around this size, other size also depends on her knuckles, finger width, and the length of the fingers…

To a man, the average size of ring is 20, if weigh 80 kilos and measures 1.78 cm, is a medium-sized hand.

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