How To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

There are a lot of people out there who simply could not do without their nail polish may already feel that they go through bottles of it like crazy, and this can be quite an expensive thing to keep up.

Nail Polish Last Longer

Sometimes this is all about misconception – using nail polish in certain ways makes some people think that its just an easy thing to get through, but this is actually far from the case. With the right care, attention and approach to maintenance, nail polish can actually last a long time. In this article, we provide some simple tips to help your nail polish go a lot further than you might be used to.

Take care of those nail polishes

If you find that the need to buy nail polish online is a regular enough occurrence that it factors into your weekly budget, there’s a very good chance that you’d savour the opportunity to save a bit more while still having as much fun as possible with your nail polish.

Perhaps the best place to start is simply be ensuring you take good care of your bottles by not letting unnecessary air in. If you take the time to guarantee that the caps of your nail polish are always secured and tightened when you’re not using them and clean the opening or cap if you find polish is drying up, you’ll find that there is less chance of air exposure, which can also muck around with the quality of other makeup products like mascara.

Limiting air exposure is also related to your technique – rather than clumsily dunk your brush in, carefully dip it instead. Storage is also important when it comes to nail polish to prevent it from going bad or deteriorating in quality – always make sure that you keep your nail polish in a cool, dark and dry place as UV light will break down the all-important colour pigments over time.

Organisation can make all the difference

Sometimes helping nail polish last longer is just about understanding what you already have – nail polish collections can get very big very quickly, and losing track of what you already own can mean you accidentally buy something you already own (or something similar, at least).

Thankfully, there are a lot of simple and effective storage and organisations options when it comes to nail polish. Wall racks, spice racks and custom shelving can all be great options for helping you see what you have in your collection at a glance and can be picked up or made for very small amounts of money – no more rummaging, forgetting what you have or thinking you’ve lost certain things.

Sometimes you need to get rid of nail polish

Although it doesn’t really play into the theme of this beauty article, sometimes you need to ditch your nail polish. If you have nail polishes that you don’t like, are so old you don’t remember how long you’ve them or have a few bottles that have simply been neglected, sometimes its best just to get rid of them. By donating them to people who might appreciate them more you can help organise your collection better while also helping others get more out of them.