How to keep the jewelry in perfect condition

The jewels have always been an element of distinction and good taste to the wearer. However, the passage of time can cause them to lose their prominence and even poor maintenance can lead to spoilage. Caring for it properly enable you to stay in time as the first day.

jewelry in perfect condition

Problems with silver
Each piece requires a different care. Silver, for example, is one of the most precious metals are dirty and must be cleaned regularly. A damp cloth with water will help remove surface dirt; while there are special liquid solutions to treat silver can be found in jewelry.

Both gold and platinum should be washed with soap and water and thoroughly dried. White Gold, as much as we care for it, tends to lose its color gradually so you have to bring it every 4 or 5 years to jewelry to be treated with rhodium and return its initial appearance.

With pearl jewelry with great care must be taken because it is an organic element to any chemical element can affect it badly. Also avoid contact pearls with perfume; it will take a yellow hue. Nor should wet in sea water, so should avoid carrying it on the beach. To clean the best is a cloth dampened with water and be careful to keep them, avoiding any interference with any object.

For its part, the care of the diamonds is very simple, and just washes them with soap and water and helped a toothbrush. If we do from time to time, keep all its glory with the passage of time, almost equal to the time of buying diamonds.

For the emeralds can use the same system as with diamonds, but being more careful, because it is a much more delicate gem of a lower hardness, with what is best use a soft damp cloth.

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