How to detect a fake Rolex watch

Rolex is one of the most famous brands of watches in the world. Partly because of its high quality has led the flag of Swiss watchmaker’s and partly by its glamorous and luxurious designs. Rolex watches have been synonymous with high social status, basically “stay on top”.

rolex watch

Like almost all material things, a symbol is not necessarily the same for all people. For many it is “just a nice watch” and thousands of dollars not spent on something to see the time. For other people have a Rolex is a challenge, it is to “achieve something in life”, and many times this need fall into traps by believing that they do the business of their life and end up buying a fake Rolex.

That is why in this article we share how to detect fake Rolex watch.

The original Rolex is heavy
All machinery and metal quality of Rolex give a fairly significant weight compared with “ordinary” watch. If you feel that they want to sell Rolex is light-weight, begins to doubt, although recently this track is being well treated by counterfeiters that eventually would have added weight inside into lead strips.

The original Rolex has anti striped glass
A good trick for a seller of Rolex is to ask if you can grab a wrench and scratch it. If the seller knows it is false will not leave you, if it is original will allow you without problems. The trick is that the crystals that equip these luxury watches are sapphire crystals and can only be scratched with a diamond.

The Rolex does not “tick tock”
The internal machine (the clock itself) makes the Rolex move the hands of the second hand about 8 times per second. This means that if you put your ear next to the clock will not hear the “tick” of a normal clock but a sound much faster and accurate. Like the weight this is an item that the best replicas were taken into account, not the cheapest.

The Rolex has a perfect mesh
Well check out the mesh, in the original Rolex is simply perfect. All the links move in a just perfectly. Inserts fit smoothly and if you pass the tips of your fingers on all sides all should feel very soft. This review should be completely subtle.

Rolex has “soft” needles
The termination of the needles is critical. In the next picture you can see the differences between an original (left) and a replica (right). The place and angles of the metal is essential and is quite visible, except in the most expensive replicas.

rolex needles

The Rolex shows the date “very big”
The original Rolex have a bubble of increase in the glass which increases of 2 to 2.5 times the size of the date. This increase in replicas barely reaches 1.5.

The Rolex sold at places of trust
Not much more to say about this. If you are interested in one of these watches, buy it at jewelers with experience and track record, having a lot of watches and that the seller knows what he is talking about. In case of doubt you can contact by phone to the Rolex office in your country.

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