How to combine the jewels with the color of your skin?

When choosing jewelry (pendants, earrings, rings) must take into account many factors:

  • How it combined with your hair?
  • How it combined with your cleavage?
  • How it combined with the shape of your face and the length of your neck?
  • How it combined with the garment?
  • How it combined with the shape of your hands and fingers (for rings)?

combine jewelry

And then, of course, are your own tastes in matter of jewelry.

But one factor you should never forget is the skin. In summer, this is when more you show skin, and have more brown.

So we go with some tips that will help illuminate summer evenings!

Warm or cool skin?
Normally we say that one has a “white” or “brown” skin, although of course there are a thousand degrees from each other, and sometimes it is not easy to differentiate. Not to mention that in summer, you always darken your skin with tanning.

So it may be useful to think in terms of cold or warm skin. The chilly skins (the whitest) are those in which the veins are clearly visible bluish color.

As more the skin is darkened, more greenish veins visible, until leave of verse. These are the warm skin.

And it is important to see how your skin is, or how you have at the time of choosing your accessories. Because not all metals or stones stand alike.

Metals and gems for cold skins
The cold and pale skin, cry out for glare silver. The silver and white gold are the first choice, because their reflexes are “matching” with the skin and give an almost ethereal image.

Platinum is another option, although its use in jewelry is very limited.

Yellow gold, however, detracts enough with this type of skin, since pale its brightness.

With the stones is the same: reflections of white-on-white are the key. The white pearls feel great. And diamonds or cubic zirconia shine like stars on a clear skin.

If you want to add touches of color, which makes it better highlighted with a cold skin are gems with a scale of colors that go from red to blue.

  • garnets
  • rubies
  • amethysts
  • topaz
  • sapphires
  • aquamarines

Metals and gems for warm skin
The warmer and tanned skin, instead, prefer yellow gold. Support the silver and white gold, of course: in fact, on a metal brown skin always shines.
But the fact is that it is in the brownest skins where the shows it’s all power.

Other interesting metals, especially in summer, are the copper and brass, with which you can create combinations of costume jewelry amazing and friendly.

As for the gems, it is best to go the rest of the spectrum of colors. Brown, green and yellow in varying degrees, fit on a warm skin as if they were part of it.

  • Golden beryl
  • Amber
  • Tourmaline
  • Emeralds
  • Jades
  • Malachite
  • Turquoise.