How to combine jewelry and accessories with style

Any garment, however simple it may be more sophisticated and glamorous if we adorned with a jewel or accessory that combines well with our dress and hairstyle. We really do not need to invest a lot of money to get that detailed image; it is a matter of style and originality.

combine jewelry

From noble materials such as gold or silver, semi-precious jewelry, jet, ivory or Swarovski Crystal, the possibilities are endless. But everyday wear clothing like cotton, knitted or texans also support a touch of coquetry. In this case you can decide for costume jewelry, plastic earrings in different colors, amber, wood or porcelain beads necklaces or accessories more eye-catching and original to basis of feathers, leather and reasons of fantasy.

Be as it will be if you want that your jewels and accessories shine as it stems, follow these simple tips and you will succeed:

In accordance with your outfit: definitely expensive jewelry not conducive well… everything in your situation.

Consider your face: if you have some overweight, you do not carry too many jewels as this does not favor your figure. Note the length of the neck when choosing necklaces and earrings. If you have the rather short neck, there are convenient for you the long and detached necklaces from the neck; with regard to the earrings that best you feel are those that are not very long… the idea is that it do not touch your shoulders. Taking into account the shape of your face, if this is rather elongated or oval, hoop earrings will be great, but if it is rather round it is preferable that you choose long earrings or in diamond-shaped to stylize it.

Jewelry on the neckline: If you will wear an evening gown and little chest, it is better that the necklace that you take is not very large or you’ll look even flatter. The same can be said about the brooches and pins in this area. If you wear a turtleneck you never take a short necklace as it will look quite ridiculous.

Fabrics, colors and textures: Textures with highlighted as the point or furry coats, require jewelry also with attention to that do not pass unnoticed. Printed fabrics should not be overloaded with many color accessories as if you wear a single color top, you can combine earrings and necklaces in various shades.

Rings and bracelets: Take throughout the year but especially in summer can combine several bracelets of different styles in your arms. The rest of the year is preferable not to overcharge bracelets and even if you wear long sleeves. As for the rings, if your fingers are short do not choose too long.

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