How to combine gold and silver in your jewelry

Previously thought that some materials could not be mixed, as in this case, the silver and the gold, many limitations were created when choosing a look since according to fashion, it was frowned upon mixing both materials, but now everything has changed, and mix both materials already is not frowned upon.

combine gold and silver

Although this combination is already something common, yet we need to know how to combine silver and gold in the right way, it is for this reason then we will tell you some tips to combine them when you achieve a good result.

The ideal is to mix two materials in the same piece, something more difficult is to use different parts, and for example gold rings with silver pendant. The latter may be difficult to combine but it is something that can give good results.

The Pandora Charm are ideal to combine with gold jewelry, silver tone using blends perfectly with the color of gold, so if you want to do a combination of these two materials, can certainly be an excellent choice.

Something that you should avoid completely is to use a look of the same tone, for example a gold dress and gold jewelry, since it would not combine very well, it is best to use silver jewelry but are parts that do not have a large size.

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