How to combine clothes and jewelry? We give you the keys

The accessories are a fundamental part to make any look stand out in a special way, and in the world of accessories, jewelry plays a key role. Combining clothing and jewelry may seem easy, but in this post, we teach you a few tricks so you can become an expert.

combine clothes and jewelry

How to combine clothes and jewelry properly?

It is not just a matter of providing a detail to complete our style, but of achieving the best result. To achieve this, the type of jewelry we use is essential, that is why we recommend you to always use modern and quality jewelry.

Then we teach you to combine clothes and jewelry depending on what jewel or piece of clothing is involved.


combine bracelets

These types of sleeves you wear will be key to deciding what bracelets can fit you best. If they are rather wide sleeves, the ideal thing is that you wear thin and simple silver bracelets or rush bracelets, but if you wear a top or a tight shirt, wearing a single bracelet or large bracelet will be great.


combine necklaces

Necklaces near the neck are always better to wear with a pronounced or rounded neckline, since otherwise; the collar would shorten your neck. The long necklaces can be styled, so if you wear them with rather elegant clothes and fabrics such as light knitwear or cotton you will get a perfect look. Another way to combine them would be with a lingerie style bodice.


combine slopes

Long and thin lengthen the silhouette, so wearing them with a turtleneck or with a V neck is a success. Of course, if you choose to wear this type of earrings try to do without a necklace.


combine rings

Beware of overloading your hands with too many rings if you wear colored clothing. With a dark long sleeve top, put on rings with colored stones. And with a top with balloon sleeves or a shirt, opt for precious metals and discreet rings to tune your hands.

The color of the clothes

combine color

If you want to wear clothes with an eye-catching pattern, avoid large jewelry, but if you’re looking to give your jewelry prominence, a black dress will be your best ally, also getting a sophisticated and elegant look. Do not mix gold and silver jewelry and keep in mind that colorful jewels combine perfectly with garments in equally vivid colors.

Now that you know how to combine clothes and jewelry, remember that less is more and overloading jewelry is never a good idea. Better few jewels but that makes you shine.