How to clean onyx stones?

Keep clean our jewels or crystals are important, so we bring you these tips to clean the onyx stones. They are ideal for you to show off again dazzling crystals!

clean onyx stones

First of all should know that the Onyx is somewhat fragile, so it can be damaged, broken or easily scratched because of its porous surface, so care must be taken during cleaning.

It may be that the Onyx you have only a stone with dyed agate, this is very common today, but even so it must be cleaned as if it was an authentic onyx.

How to clean onyx stones
The ideal thing to clean onyx stones is to use a dry cloth and if necessary use a soft brush to remove any dirt that the stone may have.

Another option is to use a clean, soft cloth dampened with water, but the stone could absorb moisture easily by what this form of clean the Onyx is better to carry it out only if the stone is very dirty.

Tips to take care of the stones and onyx jewels

  • Do not use any chemicals, soap or detergent to clean.
  • Do not clean them with ultrasound.
  • If the onyx gemstone is combined with other material, clean it as if it is all of onyx.
  • Do not use polishing cloths on the stone.
  • Always put your Onyx jewelry after you’ve applied the makeup, hair spray or perfume which could damage it.
  • Do not perform cleanup tasks or swim with onyx jewelry.
  • To save them the best is to wrap them in cotton, velvet, or a soft cloth to shield it from possible friction, scratches or bumps.

With this tip you can show off your beautiful and shiny jewelry whenever you use.