How to choose the right perfume

When a person decides that the perfume becomes a complement in their dress code, there are many occasions in which to deal with the purchase of a perfume, one does not quite know where to throw. It is true that the acquisition of a perfume has a lot of momentum and feelings, but upon reaching perfumery have to leave them in the background and apply for a while, too, a little common sense and some other criteria. Here we mention how to choose the right perfume through guidelines that are very easy to follow that you should take into account.

choose the right perfume

The personality
It is the first factor to consider. We each have a personality and perfume speaks when we smell and, therefore, it is important to combine well the style of the person with the notes of the fragrance. First, to differentiate what we like and what we dislike; second, to determine what best fits to each one.

In fact, if the purchase we want to leave advice from a good professional perfumery, always make four questions: whether it is for us, what we like; what fragrances have used lately and what idea we have. Personality helps us to position ourselves in the olfactory families that characterize the perfume. In general, these four: citrus, floral, aromatic and spicy or oriental.

The use
With the use of perfume, we refer to the environment or occasion in which normally it is going to be used. Not the same perfume for day to day, after the gym, for a special event like a wedding, then to go out on Saturday for dinner with your partner or friends.

  • The citrus perfume are easier to carry and are generally recommended for the day.
  • The floral ones are more fragrant and have to be more careful in use.
  • The aromatics are more complex, because the range thereof is complex in itself; there are more woodsy, which never fail; more agreements, which are special and then the entire range that goes from the aromas to low forest, passing by the most herbal and reaching the fruit; the very composition of the fragrance will mark us if something light and easy to carry or otherwise it is heavier and more specific situations.
  • The spicy or oriental are for very, very special occasions.

The time of year
It is important to be aware of the season in which we find ourselves at the time of the acquisition so that it is appropriate. The fragrance is combined with the skin producing a chemical reaction, which is not the same if it occurs with 30°C that with 5°C. A more heat, the pores of the skin become more open and the reaction with the perfume is more intense.

The temperature is an intensifier of the aromas. Something intense about our skin in summer produces an effect of rejection in whom the smells; while in winter, however, they are welcoming because of its warmth. The citrus, lighter scents, in winter, flavors convey feeling cold while in summer cool.

The evolution
At fragrances must be given time because they are made on three types of notes, which makes evolve. There are three types of chord: output, heart and base. The top notes will determine the personality of the fragrance and mistakenly are those that tend to set the tone when it comes to the choice of perfume. The heart determines the olfactory family to which it belongs and finally the base are what will give fixation.

This evolution which can be faster or slower is very important to take it into account because a fragrance does not smell like at first those 10 minutes later. Therefore, when choosing the perfect fragrance we need to take our time, since the aroma that gives us in its initial chords can be pleasant and, on the other hand, we can become unpleasant moments later. The perfume is something that becomes and remains, so we have to see how it evolves.

The skin
Take into account what refers to our skin is necessary during the act of choosing the right perfume. There is a skin that peels off a body odor like other. Every person we let go the smell that unique and unrepeatable marker. Therefore the chemical reaction that will occur in each person will be also unique.

That is why a same fragrance smells different in different people and, therefore, another scent becomes detached in the drying role than on the skin. Therefore, once it determined the perfume or perfumes that we have liked, it is essential that we place them on the skin and look at how they are manifested and evolve.

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