How to choose the perfect ring

Most come in gold or platinum, which are the most modern, then there are non-precious metals, which usually have designs with a more classic look.

choose perfect ring

Gold Rings
These are the traditional option chosen by men and women, for special occasions such as graduations, engagements and marriages. You’ll find rings in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The warm look of yellow gold is an attractive option for darker skin tones. Rings made of platinum or white gold can complement very well the lighter skin tones. Couples often choose alliances of white gold as an alternative to Platinum Rings because it’s look similar and cost less.

Depending on how increase the carat in weight, price, color vibrancy and purity also increase. However, its durability decreases.

24K Gold: Pure 24-karat (24K) gold has a bright color, but can be bend with daily use.
18K Gold: 18K gold is 75% pure, and offers more durable than 24K.
14K Gold: couples often choose alliances 14k gold thick for its durability and low cost.

Platinum rings
Definitely these are back in fashion, with a growing number of brides and grooms who choose this extremely durable and dense precious metal. Although it is more expensive than gold, platinum weighs 60 percent more than gold, it being more difficult to bend or break, and more resistant to damage. Platinum also retains its luster longer than gold.

The Mount
Rings made with single or non-precious metals (steel) do not have to be as traditional. You could choose a modern design with a smoother surface and squared edges, or maybe you like an alliance of two-tone (or double metal).

Decorate your hand with the perfect complement
Basically, people with larger, wider hands can easily carry larger rings with large stones and multi-levels, that people with more narrow or small hands.

How the rings are three-dimensional also takes into account the height. A slender finger wearing a ring with a high mount can be very elegant and make you look splendid on any special event or meeting.