How to choose the best silver jewelry for every occasion

To look good and at the right time your silver jewelry, it is important to differentiate between events or special moments of day and night, as with clothing, which is somewhat easier to differentiate, in the case of silver jewelry also must take special interest in learning what the best silver jewelry is for every occasion.

best silver jewelry

The most important thing to learn how to wear the silver jewelry is not to be surcharge, i.e. less is more, especially if we are talking about striking silver jewelry, common with striking stone necklaces or rings jewelry.

The silver jewelry that we choose for the day has to be those that contribute to our look a touch of simplicity, silver jewelry that is simple and inexpensive. The Indian silver jewelry or old silver, as silver alliances watches, silver or silver rings are the perfect for the day to go to work, school, shopping, etc. However, for evening events should better choose larger silver jewelry, and bold stone necklaces.

With the theme of clothing, we try to balance the clothes that we carry with the type of jewelry. Dressing For choose strong colors that are discrete silver jewelry, as a combination always good few pearls. However, if the choice of your clothes for the occasion is more sober, you should take this opportunity to draw your best clothes, with all those stone necklaces in bright colors that you love, big jewelry rings also are a good complement to sober clothes.

On the subject of rings, many have the bad habit of covering hands, with lots of jewelry rings, and we must be clear that one beside the other spoils our look, give prominence to only one, and of course if you go by a ring of large jewelry, forget about anything else, just one, because less is more. Always combine your jewelry, giving prominence to the most striking.

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