How to choose the appropriate earrings according to your face

The earrings are inevitable garment in women clothes, there are some who actually confesses did not go out on the street without it. But do you know to choose the appropriate for your face?

choose appropriate earrings

All the many options that you have when choosing them, it is sometimes difficult to know which are indicated. You always have to choose ones that fit your style, your clothes, activities and places where you function normally, but above all, you must choose one that enhance your beauty and go according to the characteristics of your face.

If you have a round face and you’re a little chubby-cheeked, earrings better coming you are ones whose length is greater than the width, preferably hanging. Small earrings or moles, are not recommended because almost unnoticeable and make ears look bigger. But you can find a medium sized shapes, stripes or geometric shapes.

If your face is long, use short and wide earrings. Contrary to women with round face, these must use a few earrings that do that the face turns out to be shorter and to load the attention towards the sides; the appropriate ones are the hoops, pearls, stars, etc.

Square face, the hoops are also an excellent choice for faces with fronts and preponderant jaws, plus the midsize give a very casual look with style.

Triangle or heart shaped face: if your forehead is large with well-marked cheeks and a small chin, which goes like pointed, must use some earrings to balance the size or weight of the chin to forehead. The appropriate ones are a few big moles or some of hanging in the shape of raindrop, whose base is wider than the top point.

Not always a pair of sophisticated earrings is necessary and costly for an elegant look, now there are fashionable the small moles of a single tone and varied forms as pretzel, hearts, bow, etc.
If you’re a fan of fashion and you like to always carry what is at the forefront notice that these fashions go according to your anatomy and style. The fashion does not bother, but if you take away the cache!

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