How to choose suitable earrings: Tips and tricks

With the following tips and tricks that we show you here you can choose the most suitable earrings for you. The first thing to consider is the shape of your face:

choose earrings

Round face: look to wear long earrings, do not use circular rings.

Square face: Avoid wear earrings that have large angular designs. Hoops earrings favor over your face.

Oval face: You have the perfect face to carry any slope model, only watch match earrings to the situation and the locker room.

If you are of high stature and want to further boost this feature, we recommend that you wear long earrings; If your height is low or you have very short hair, earrings that you most favor will be a few small pearl type.

Depending on your hairstyle will relate the following slopes:

  • The collected as a ponytail or bun, long earrings become more visible, so look to wear bright, elongated earrings.
  • If you have medium hair, look for wear button-type earrings.

By the end, look to choose earrings regarding your look:

  • The long earrings tend to be more glamorous and elegant earrings are small.
  • You must be offset with other accessories. If you have for example a sparkling necklace, then the earrings have to be more discreet. On the other hand, if the accessories you’re wearing are very simple, then the outstanding will have to be the protagonists and draw attention.
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