How to choose necklace that suits you best

Because of its multitude of shapes, sizes and colors, necklaces have become one of the most important accessories when dressing.

choose necklace

Even it is said that good necklace can enhance and give a touch of distinction “chic” clothing more simple and straightforward that you have in a wardrobe.

However, it is not buying any necklace that comes our way in the boutiques. It is therefore important to know what the best is for us. Here are some aspects that must be taken into account at the time of your purchase.

The type of neck and necklace
Like all women are not equal, they do not look good all the necklaces. In this regard, high-neck women will be very well with short and tight necklace. By having the slim neck, you can use long necklaces giving several laps in the neck area.

Meanwhile, short neck females should not wear necklaces that steal so much space in the area, but those thin strings to stylize the neckline. We also must choose long necklaces, the longer the more stylish necklace will be the area.

The type of neckline and necklaces
On the other hand, the neckline you choose will play an important role in the type of necklace you will wear.

If you decide on the strapless necklines, use a short necklace of large dimensions with its main part on the skin; for round necklines, use a short accessory that focuses on the visual area of the complexion.

For boats necklines selected short necklaces and so your neck will be appreciated larger, long and thin.

For “V” necklines, we recommend using supplements in the same form of “V” or “Y”. For turtle necklines, opt for long necklaces.

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